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the Hollow Fang


Stop the presses! News too hot to handle!
A supernatural recession buster!

Here it is:

Get the new Felix Gomez adventure, WEREWOLF SMACKDOWN, and in this limited time offer, you’ll be privy to never-before published stories, and sample chapters from acclaimed Urban Fantasy authors. More vampires, ghosts, mages, witches...and more. Gratis!

Werewolf Smackdown

Just visit
Starting 10AM, Mountain Standard Time,
Tuesday March 23, 2010.

Click the link to Barnes&
and order your copy of


And then...the magic happens. You’ll get the free downloads.

But the offer only goes for 48 hours. After that....sayonara free stuff.
Snooze, you lose!

And just who are these amazing Urban Fantasy authors?

Jaye Wells

Jaye Wells

...One of the most auspicious urban fantasy debuts this year...

Kat Richardson

...Paranormal Fantasy’s next Superstar.
Barnes & Noble Bookclubs

Kat Richardson

Carol Crane

Carol Crane

...a smart and original urban fantasy series. A fantastic debut!
Meljean Brook