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Isabel Marant EnglishName: Isabel marant. Isabel marant (Isabel Marant) is France in the new generation of designers, a member of a minority to win the international fashion attention. Isabel marant (Isabel Marant) design school Studio Bercot in Paris after graduation, that is, in my capacity as Assistant to Yorke and Cole follow Bridget Yorke learning under the brand. Isabel marant (Isabel Marant) their own clothing store in the former, He Ke luoaiyi (Chloe), Yamamoto Division (Yohji Yamamoto), Martine Sitbon, the artistic director of Ascoli.

    Isabel marant (Isabel Marant) design features is the use of fabric, details of production, dyeing, embroidery, and other technical skills. Isabel marant (Isabel Marant) bustle style is definitely not amazing, but a low-key French fashion blooms. Isabel marant (Isabel Marant) diversified design style, and her unique background has a lot to do, she has a Germany birth mother (designer Christa Fiedler), a France dad, stepmother and one from the Netherlands Antilles Islands, multi-ethnic background, reflected in the Isabel marant (Isabel Marant), costume design, Isabel marant (Isabel Marant) Fashion brand mixes past and present, weave African, Indian, Netherlands Antilles the unique style of the three cultures.
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