Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall 2016

I was crazy busy this year, attending a slew of big, BIG conventions this year with WordFire Press, starting with PensaCon, swinging back to the west coast for Emerald City Con in Seattle, then Planet City ComicCon in Kansas City, MO (my new favorite city outside of Denver), to Miami, then DragonCon. Shoehorned into all that I had LitFest, various other appearances, and I edited the anthology Found for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and co-edited another anthology for Hex Publishers. I was one mo-fo of a whirlwind.

 So the big news:

First--> My newest novel, University of Doom is out, both an ebook and in trade paperback. My best endorsement so far comes from my eleven-year-old next door neighbor:
I laughed so hard, milk shot out my nose.

And--> I have a short-story in CyberWorld, from Hex Publishers. The release date is November 10, 2016, with a signing at the Tattered Cover, LoDo. The collection kicks serious ass... as does the cover.

Check the awesome trailer.


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