Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer 2018

It's here! Book 7 of the Felix Gomez series:

Steampunk Banditos: Sex Slaves of Shark Island

 Felix Gomez embarks on his wildest adventure yet: back to an alternative past of steam-powered technology, telepathic magic, and deadly intrigue. On a mission to find the daughter of a notorious gangster, Felix follows clues through the reimagined southwest of Aztlan in his quest that takes him to the sex slaves of Isla Tiburon - Shark Island - the fortress home of a twisted evil genius. To solve this mystery, Felix must survive a gauntlet of murderous henchmen, infernal machines, and ferocious prehistoric monsters. And don't forget the sharks.

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  1. I still havent read rescue from planet pleasure, I have some catching up to do!

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